Nomadic Supper at Downsview Park, Toronto

Celebrating the Contributions of Black Farmers in Ontario

About the Event

Guests join us for an enriching afternoon at Downsview Park Toronto to celebrate and raise awareness of the vital role Black farmers play in growing and selling culturally appropriate food in Toronto and Southern Ontario.

The event, led by the renowned Chef Bashir Munye, is more than just a meal.

It's an immersive experience that combines a tour of the vibrant farm, a communal dining setup with guests seated on the floor (cushions provided), and stimulating discussions led by featured guests and speakers.

Previous Event Details

Date: Friday,
July 22, 2022
Time: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: Fresh City Farms Pavilion, Toronto
Guest Count: 50+


12:00 PM - Tour of Fresh City Farms
Guided by Jessey Njau, Urban Farmer at Zawadi Farms

12:30 PM - Canapés and Mingling
An opportunity to connect and enjoy delightful bites

1:30 PM - Meal and Community Discussion
Savor a locally-grown meal prepared by Chef Bashir Munye, and engage in meaningful conversations about local farming and the impact of Black farmers in our region

4:30 PM - Event Concludes

5:00 PM - Catering Team Departs
Chef Bashir Munye

Chef Bashir Munye

Chef Bashir Munye is a culinary innovator, known for his sustainable and diverse food practices. With a background that spans Somalia, Italy, and Toronto, Chef Bashir is a prominent figure in Toronto's local food scene.

His commitment to accessible, high-quality food and his role as a culinary professor and food consultant make him a leading voice in the future of sustainable and culturally diverse cuisine in Toronto.

Collaborative Partners

Local farmers at Downview Park
Zawadi Farm

Jessey Njau

Zawadi Farms

Arnest Sebbumba

SARN Farms

Judish Prince

Ubuntu Farm

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